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99 problems...& stress is ALL OF THEM.

June 30, 2019



Over the past few years, I have come to understand the true [and sometimes ugly] meaning of STRESS! If not properly addressed, stress can manifest into a giant green (old-school Hulk-like) beast that terrorizes your every move. So how do you tackle stress? Well other than not stressing, here are a few things that I have been practicing during my stint in graduate school.




…talk to someone: Whether it’s venting to a friend or talking to a therapist, you should release stress not internalize it. One of the most useful things about venting for me, is talking to people who allow me to vent about how stressed I am but won’t allow me to wallow in self-pity and despair. Find that person and talk to them!!


…spend your time reading: There is nothing like escaping to a faraway land, in a fictional book to take your mind off real-world stress. If you end up falling asleep in the middle of reading, it’s also some of the best sleep you’ll ever have. Lol.


…what makes you happiest: Drop everything (for a short time depending on your situation) and do whatever hobby of yours makes you happiest. If you don’t have one, find one! The point of this is to take your mind off anything stressful for as long as you possibly can. Believe you me, whatever is stressing you out will be there when you get back.




…shut out your family and friends: As I mentioned before when you’re stressed you should talk to someone. True friends and family will be there in your time of need as you have been in theirs (hopefully). Either way, shutting yourself away from the world is going to do more harm than good.


…stop taking care of yourself: A few months ago I was more stressed than I have ever been and I stopped taking care of myself. BIG MISTAKE. Every day, something else was going wrong with my body and simply put, I was knocking on sickness’ door. Keep drinking water and most importantly don’t skip meals! Remember health is wealth!!



As Cardi B should’ve said…


Don’t allow stress to consume you and more importantly, don’t ignore the signs that you may need some help. The best thing about stress is that it can be manageable, but only if you have the right tools and mindset to work with! Happy de-stressing!”

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