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Silence your Inner Critic!

June 16, 2019



…or as I like to call it, the annoying roommate from hell.


Picture it…things are going great for you. You just got a new job or some sort of life changing opportunity. You just put a down payment on your very first car; or paid the security deposit for your new luxury apartment. Your relationships are flourishing…you’re more confident in yourself than you’ve ever been. Everything is perfect….or so your conscious self thinks. One day you’re out “living your best life” and BAM! Your mind is flooded with negative thoughts:


“Someone out there deserved that job more than you.”

“Everything is going too well…something bad is coming.”

“Sit down…you’re not that pretty.”

“Your deluxe apartment in the sky won’t last long!”


Everyone has an inner critic that spouts nasty and demeaning things to us. My inner critic is a nasty little heifer who thrives on stripping my confidence while also plaguing me with a bit of imposter syndrome (I’m writing a whole ‘nother blog post on this); frankly she is RUDE! So far I’ve gotten by faking it til’ I make it. But its been a while and thanks to my inner critic's success blocking...I haven’t made it yet. Recently, I started practicing a few techniques to hopefully banish my inner critic (or annoying roommate as I have come to call it) and live the life [both outside and inside my head] that I deserve!


Why does your inner critic even exist? Without touching too much on imposter syndrome, you have probably internalized something that has happened in your life. You may have been victim to micro-aggressive behavior from someone you held in high regard or it could be something as simple as being picked last on the playground. However, just because these things happened to you doesn’t mean you deserve a life full of self-doubt and crippling inner criticisms. Figure out when your inner critic came to life and try to work to silence it. Remember: Hurt people, hurt people! Stop allowing another person’s pain and criticism from their inner critic give birth to yours.


“Self-doubt is an illusion”: The inner critic hate may feel real, but unless you make it so...IT'S NOT! This week I read an Instagram post that said, “Self-doubt is an illusion your mind created to keep you from taking action.” Don’t let self-doubt be the kryptonite that stops you from living your life.


Uplift yourself with positivity: The toxic nature of your inner critic can take you to dark places; namely anxiety and depression. It may tell you that you aren’t the prettiest/most handsome person in the world…but is anyone? As hard as it may be, every time those negative thoughts creep in, drown them out with two or more positive thoughts.


Negative: “You don’t deserve all of this success and happiness.”

Positive: “Enjoy the fruits of your labor sis (or bro)! You do deserve it!!”

                   “Everyone deserves happiness!”

“No one wants to read my inner most thoughts.”


To be completely honest, my inner critic is one of the reasons I haven’t been as consistent with my blog as I should have. I created a blog because I wanted to be heard; but then stopped writing on said blog because I just knew that no one cared to read it, go figure. At any given time, there are 6-7 ideas floating around my head, but I am continuously letting my annoying (inner critic) roommate dictate how I navigate through my dreams.


Well I am saying  “¡NO MAS!” It’s time I shut up that inner critic for good and go after what’s mine! Nothing happens overnight, but if you take it one day at a time, you can do it too!!

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