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Every day I'm....hustling.

January 13, 2019



*cue Rick Ross..


Well hello there! Happy New Year greetings are in order…so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


A couple of years ago when I started this blog, I wrote a post about my Anti-New Year’s Resolution. Before that post, I was the type of girl who made resolutions every year. Unfortunately, by the next morning (having screamed “Happy New Year” at the top of my lungs merely hours before), I had already forgotten or broken my newly-made resolution. So, for the past two years, I have instead devoted my 52 weeks to better myself; not simply as a resolution for the year, but a resolution…for life! Welp, it's officially 2019....NEW YEAR...SAME DEAL!


Somewhere in the middle of 2018, I decided to start “minding my business.” Now let me add that I am not actively running around talking about other people’s business in the streets…but I wasn’t concentrating enough on my own. When working on yourself, it’s important to shut out all the extra noise and focus on what’s important, YOU! Unfortunately, when I started focusing on Janae, I also realized how unhappy I was in my current situation.


Simply put, shortly after I began focusing on my own affairs…I was ready to throw in the towel. I was and still am EXTREMELY CLOSE to wanting to drop out of school and drop it like it’s hot on someone’s stage (I wish I was joking lol). School has consistently been the place where I excelled the most. I never had to exert too much effort to earn good grades, I got along with my teachers and professors; and everything was just peachy…ALL THE TIME! It wasn’t until I began this PhD program that I realized that my 18 ½ years of schooling (K-12, College, and Graduate school) had taught me NOTHING AT ALL. Frankly, it was all too easy!


Hence the title of this blogpost: EVERY DAY I’M HUSTLING. No matter how seldom or frequent you feel moments of defeat; do not GIVE UP OR GIVE IN TO TEMPTATION. Keep hustling toward your dreams! Whether it’s that business you have given up on before even starting it…that job you want to quit so badly because of lack of advancement or appreciation…or even school; JUST KEEP HUSTLING! I have been in this program for 514 days (oh yes..I’m counting! Lol) and there are another 352 days of hustling left in 2019. I cry a lot and feel like quitting even more, BUT I never let them see me sweat. The same goes for you. Why?? Because YOU were built for this. Cry for a minute but get right back up swinging. Success in your business is coming!! Your dream job offer or promotion is coming!! Graduation day may not be close…BUT IT’S COMING!!!


This year I want to you to remember that feelings of defeat are temporary. Focus on the goal ahead and know that it will all be worth it in the end. Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY HUSTLING!


*drops mic.

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