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The Re-Up: Blog Edition

July 30, 2017



January 1, 2017 was the day that I stepped out on a leap of faith and began what is now known as The Girl Upstairs. I was shocked that so many people actually wanted to read about the things that were on my mind. I finally decided to stop being a scaredy cat and do what was on my heart, BECOME A BLOGGER!! I started designing my blog site from a template I found on wix.com just a few days before Christmas. It took me approximately 5 or 6 practically sleepless days to add my own personal touches to the blog. I was so in love with it...until my mind was actually opened up to the world of blogging. I gained new blogger friends (I call them my blogger sisters) and navigated their websites. Everyone's sites was either noticeably made from a template like mine or it was unique to their aesthetic. Nevertheless I was still content with my design until I started thinking about all of the things I wanted my blog to become. If you haven't read my 'About me' section you might not know that I am a zealous dreamer. if there is something that is easily attainable, you never believe I won't eat, I won't sleep until I get it. Ok I'm exaggerating; cause if you know you also know I don't miss a meal lol. Anyway, my blog just wasn't as functional as I needed it to be. 


So what did I do?! I took matters into my own hands and I decided to make my blog exactly what I wanted it to be; FUNCTIONAL! Since May 2017, I have been working on a new blog design that simply knocks my socks off! What better day to release my new design on my birthday; September 4th, Labor Day or as you may have seen on my social media, IX.IV is the day that I will relaunch my blog!!


The new blog design will be a more editorial version of my current site. I'm so excited to branch out and write about different aspects of my life that make me the person I am. The new site will continue to grow as I grow as a blogger. Take this month to get your last look at the current desktop & mobile version of ThaGirlUpstairs.com, because on September 4, 2017, it will be bigger and better!! 


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