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The Perfect Ones Are Always Flawed

July 2, 2017


Lately, I realized that I say, "I'm a work in progress" A L O T. While this phrase demonstrates that I'm cognizant of all the things I need to work on, it also comes off as a weak apology....& frankly, I'M NOT APOLOGETIC. I'm not sorry for the progress that I've made, because I have come a longgggg way. 


I consider myself to be perfectly imperfect. While true perfection doesn't exist, I believe that no matter who you are, what you have been through, where you have come from, or where you are going; if you can recognize your own flaws, you are imperfectly perfect. 


Anxiety & Drama; two things that don't mix!

If you look up the definition of 'worrywart', don't be surprised if you see a goofy-looking picture of me staring back at you. I'm not exactly sure when it started, but I'm positive it stems back to my childhood. For as long as I can remember, I've always been a panicker (is that even a word? well, you get the point, I PANIC!). I'll never forget the time I got stuck in a bathroom.....oh I lost it! My life flashed before my eyes, I couldn't breathe, the walls were closing in on me; it was the end of my little world. Did I mention how incredibly dramatic I can be?? Long story short, I just wasn't turning the door hard enough lol; drama queen. When I start to worry, I dive deeper, and deeper, and deeper until I hit full blown anxiety; and believe you me, it is HARD TO SHAKE. Shoot, just last week, my mom had to tell me to "Cut the crap, stop being anxious and stop questioning my blessings!" I'm about two months shy of turning 28 and I am just getting around to addressing this problem. It won't happen overnight but eventually I will be able to Keep Calm and—you know the rest.


The Queen of Comparison..

Omg! This should've been at the top my list. I really think if I could find a way, I would find a way to compare myself to a tree lol. I blame it on the moment I allowed myself to indulge in the wonderful world of social media; it all started with Myspace.  Year later, I still become so engrossed in what everyone is doing or "advertising" on social media that I start to wonder why I can't do the same thing. Duh girl! You can't do it 'cause you're wasting time in your bed scrolling down your IG timeline looking at other people do things that you wish you were doing. Sheesh! 


I'm easily seduced...by sneakers!

I still don't know how this is a flaw but it is (obviously my judgement is flawed too!). I am obsessed with sneakers!! I'm not too much into Jordans; it's everything else that's the issue. I HAVE to own sneakers that the average person—or at least no one in my circle would own (which is hard, because ⅔ of my closest friends love sneakers too *rolls eyes*). Anyway, I love colorful sneakers, cute girly sneakers, guy sneakers; it doesn't matter, I just love sneakers! I daydream about the day when Adidas, Nike or Puma hires me to be a brand ambassador so I can truly have all the sneakers a girl could ever dream of. However for now, I find myself splurging sneakers that look pretty lined up on my closet wall but are serving no real purpose.


I'm STILL a hopeless romantic...

To most this might not be considered a flaw or even a problem, but over the past few months, it has become a major downfall. You may remember my Crushing on Me blog post where I spoke of falling in love with love, while simultaneously falling out of love with myself. Well I'm starting to love myself just a little more each day but I'm still stuck with the longing to be wined and dined, swept off of my feet, and fall hopelessly in love. It seems like everyone is getting engaged, married, and living in romantic bliss while I'm writing this blog in sweat pants watching my favorite movie, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. Maybe I just need to stop watching chick flicks!! 


I wrote all this to say, WE ARE ALL A WORK IN PROGRESS. There is no need to apologize to anyone for being you. My flaws are just that, mine. I'm perfect just the way I am (although I am working on various self-improvements), and I have accepted that it's okay to be flawed. I mean how fun would my life be if I wasn't?


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