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..."I remember (back in the days)"

April 30, 2017




Last night I had the weirdest dream.

             The year was 2006; it was beautiful September day and unlike my friends I was stuck inside. Why you ask? I was in trouble....again. You see yesterday was an even more beautiful day than today. I went to school, chopped it up with my friends, aced my AP Calculus exam ('cause mama didn't raise a fool), and did a little volunteer work during lunch period. It was all good; until I got on the school bus.


As I sat there eavesdropping, I overheard my crush arranging a pool excursion with his friends. All year I had been trying to figure out a way to get his attention; and just like that the opportunity fell right into my lap. Today was the day he would see me in a bikini and fall madly in love with me. When we arrived at my stop, and I dashed off the bus; I had to get ready for my moment. 


When I got home later that evening, my mother was waiting for me at the door. It was at that moment, I knew I messed up. In my haste to get to the pool I had completely forgotten to do my chores: wash the dishes, take out the trash, clean my room...blah blah blah. It's not like I did it on purpose but unfortunately not doing my chores in a timely manner was quite a distasteful habit in my mom's eyes. So I am in the house on a beautiful day. I still have to do my chores, but now I'm grounded. No fun. Ugh! Why can't I be 18 already?! Better yet, why can't I just hurry up an turn 21; then I can do what I want, go where I want and not have to answer to anyone!

Although it was just a dream, a chunk of my childhood went like that (minus the pool part). I was a model student and I enjoyed the perks of being my mother's little girl (still do lol). Oh but when I got in trouble for not doing my chores....I wished I was on the fast-track to adulthood! 


"Back in the days when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore

but some days I sit and  wish I was a kid again..." -Ahmad


I finally got what I was yearning for; I'm an adult...or "Adulting" as everyone calls it now. Can I go back to a time when I wasn't the sole and only breadwinner of my household?! People say you never know what you have until its gone, well I want my childhood back! Now don't get me wrong, I love the perks of being an adult. I can get up and go when I please, and stay up as late as I want. I love working hard and reaping the benefits! However, long for the days when my mother paid all the bills, did grocery shopping and took care of me. My mother still does wayyyy more than she should for her almost 28-year old daughter; not because she has to, but because she wants to and I appreciate every bit of it. I just wish she could still do it all lol.


So if you're a teenager or younger, don't rush it!! Slow your roll, enjoy the fruits of your parent's labor and follow their rules & regulations. If you're reading this and you're an adult..... KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!


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