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7 Things I Wish I Knew Before my Makeup Addiction

February 13, 2017



DISCLAIMER: By no means do I consider myself a makeup guru, I like to think of myself as a makeup enthusiast. I am borderline obsessed with all things makeup! After watching thousands of YouTube tutorials and practicing, I have developed this list of tips that I wish I knew before I wasted money on unnecessary makeup products. I hope they'll help you!



1. Perfect eyeliner application is an art form.

Unless I’m tight-lining (applying eyeliner directly to my lash line), I rarely use eyeliner! Over the years I have found that eyeliner is the hardest part of my makeup routine, which is why I avoid it so often. I can never get it perfect! I apply it to one eye, and then try the other only to realize one is thicker than the other. I attempt to balance it out and it never quite comes out right. If it works for you, please give me your secret!


2. Cheap doesn't always mean cheap.

On occasion high-end makeup is just that, high-end. In the case of some makeup brands, expensive doesn’t always translate to the quality of the product. As a makeup beginner, it’s important to take things slow; just because your favorite YouTuber suggests that you buy a $50 palette doesn’t mean you have to. Most of my Holy Grail products are from drug stores or my local hair store! Now don’t get me wrong, I do use high-end products but I go to places like TJ Maxx to buy them or wait for a sale at Sephora or Ulta; then I go wild with my makeup purchases!! If there’s a bargain, I’m there!


3. Less is more.

No matter what anyone tells you, cake face is not cute. It’s important to know what type of makeup to wear for a specific event. You may not need to wear bright blue eye shadow to work, but it might work perfectly for a night out on the town. For daily makeup use, I often wear “No-makeup makeup” looks. All you need is mascara, a little concealer, groomed brows, and a little lip gloss!  


4. Don't be afraid to take risks.

Makeup is all about free expression. In order for you to know what you like or don’t life, you have to try different things. Go for that dark lip or try that smoky eye, you’d be surprised how many compliments will come your way!


5. Practice makes perfect.

Makeup artists don’t just wake up one day being makeup experts, they practice. Sometimes I just sit in front of my mirror at night and play in makeup. I try different foundations, different mascara. I try and fail to apply fake eyelashes, but I don’t give up. If you’re a makeup beginner, your makeup skills will develop…just don’t keep practicing!


6. Eyebrows are sisters NOT twins.

If you ask me, your eyebrows are the most important part of your makeup routine. Why? Because they are right above the focal point of your face, your eyes! There are so many products you can use to fill your eyebrows, pomades, pencils, tints, powders, pens….the list is endless! In short find what works for you. Perfecting your eyebrow makeup is truly rewarding once it’s achieved!


7. While feeding a makeup addiction is satisfying…it’s extremely expensive. [Refer to no. 2]. 

Unlike clothes and sneakers, new makeup comes onto the market almost EVERY DAY. My kryptonite happens to be lipstick. No matter how much lipstick I own (it’s an obscene amount), I still buy lipstick! In short, save yourself; don’t get addicted.



No matter how much you're addicted or not addicted to makeup. Never forget to embrace your true beauty. Makeup is only an ENHANCEMENT! Know that you are beautiful underneath it all!!

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