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Me, My Selfie & I

January 2, 2017



For the first time I'm baring my soul for the world to see.  I'm running through the streets in my birthday suit of truth.  For years I wondered if anyone would actually be interested in reading what I have to say. Will I be perceived as weak for pouring my heart and thoughts into a blog? Will people agree with the things I write? Will anyone even read the blog??


Somewhere along my 27-year journey I lost a key piece of my self-confidence and sense of empowerment. I've become fixated on what everyone thinks about me (or more accurately what I "think" that everyone thinks about me), and what everyone is doing with their lives (instead of just living my own). It's so easy to be blinded by the things portrayed on social media. 


So in short, I want this self-empowerment blog to not only serve as an outlet for me but hopefully for others. It's time for people of all shapes, shades and sizes, to "RE-EMPOWER" themselves. Life is worth living boldly, and I hope you're ready to take this ride with me. 



   "Tha Girl Upstairs"


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